I love contests. I think the best part about a contest is the anticipation of winning. This usually happens immediately after I submit my contest entry. 😉 I guess that allowing myself to dream about winning is a nice feeling because it makes me hope for something, silly though this may sound. Dreaming about my “winnings” is fun but of course winning is even better.

To maximise my chance of winning, I don’t enter sms contests (which is usually expensive and can be a scam). I don’t enter contests which require a lot of work (eg a different entry each week or as many entries as you can types) and those which require a lucky chance among millions because I don’t ever seem to win any lucky draws.

I usually enter contests which require some writing because I think some people would be lazy to write in so it increases my chance and I enter those which I think has less contestants so that increases my chance. Using these “strategies” I have won quite a few items.

Jewellery, Expensive face creams (which I wouldn’t buy myself if I didn’t win them ;)), a watch worth RM1,000 which I eventually sold to Cash Converters for RM100 a few years later after the batteries ran out. And each time I won I was on cloud nine. I remembered the first time I won a string of pearls, I was so excited when I called hubby he was wondering what it was all about.

Hubby used to shake his head when I entered yet another contest but he stopped shaking it after I won something rather useful. Now, he helps me look out for contests and helps me to send out my entry forms. 😉

Well, if you’re like me and you like contests, here’s a chance for you to win something. Now, we have contests on blogs. Thats a new and good medium for contests because it increases your chance of winning, IMO. The prize for this contest is a cash voucher worth RM88 for a clothing line which is exclusively for boys only, boys aged 1 to 14. So, if you have a son, a newphew, a brother or a friend’s son who is this age, go check out this Blogger’s Contest on my Parenting Times Blog.

Psst: Hope that all the blogger kakis out there can help to spread the word about the contest around. Thanks.

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