Its only 2 weeks to go before Chinese New Year. How quickly the time flies. Only 2 weeks to go, that means, only 2 more weekends left to buy whatever and only 10 days (minus the weekends) left to do whatever spring cleaning. Oh Gosh. Thats very little time!

We’ve got most of our shopping for clothes out of the way. Phew! Shopping for 5 (including the maid who also got new clothes) is a big task! Rush here. Rush there. And everyone try this try that. Now theres only cookies, decorations and food shopping left during the 2 weekends to go. I noticed that the malls which had gone all out to outdo each other in Christmas decorations is going easy on the Chinese New Year decorations. They look much simpler.

We’ll need to get a haircut too if time permits. I don’t feel like getting a haircut because I don’t like being fleeced ie having to pay double for a normal cut and wash.

As for cleaning tasks, we’ve done the bigger things like patch up holes in ceilings, painted the gate and some parts of the walls which has started to look black (in only 2 years), varnished some parts of the parquet floor which had started to look scratchy etc.

Now, in 10 days, I’ve got to….

  • clean out all the drawers, shelves and other open spaces
  • clean the doors and windows and grills
  • clean the fans and airconds
  • change and wash all the bedsheets
  • blah blah blah

Theres lots and lots to do so I better get going then. How’s your Chinese New Year preparation coming along?

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