Countdown to Chinese New Year

Its only 2 weeks to go before Chinese New Year. How quickly the time flies. Only 2 weeks to go, that means, only 2 more weekends left to buy whatever and only 10 days (minus the weekends) left to do whatever spring cleaning. Oh Gosh. Thats very little time!

We’ve got most of our shopping for clothes out of the way. Phew! Shopping for 5 (including the maid who also got new clothes) is a big task! Rush here. Rush there. And everyone try this try that. Now theres only cookies, decorations and food shopping left during the 2 weekends to go. I noticed that the malls which had gone all out to outdo each other in Christmas decorations is going easy on the Chinese New Year decorations. They look much simpler.

We’ll need to get a haircut too if time permits. I don’t feel like getting a haircut because I don’t like being fleeced ie having to pay double for a normal cut and wash.

As for cleaning tasks, we’ve done the bigger things like patch up holes in ceilings, painted the gate and some parts of the walls which has started to look black (in only 2 years), varnished some parts of the parquet floor which had started to look scratchy etc.

Now, in 10 days, I’ve got to….

  • clean out all the drawers, shelves and other open spaces
  • clean the doors and windows and grills
  • clean the fans and airconds
  • change and wash all the bedsheets
  • blah blah blah

Theres lots and lots to do so I better get going then. How’s your Chinese New Year preparation coming along?

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11 thoughts on “Countdown to Chinese New Year

  1. For us, every year we just buy some cookies and balik kampong!!! I am really bad about tradition….no CNY clothes, no Lou Sang or whatever. Just want to get over it fast!!!

    We also pack up and balik kampung but we do this for the kids and for the hubby too since he secretly enjoys it. Its a bit of a rush but thats part of the fun for us. We only shop for clothes once a year during CNY. Hehe.

  2. oh no! thank God you mentioned it…i forgotten about my maid’s CNY clothes! yiaks! hehe

    Haha. You’ve still got 2 weeks. Mine is rather big size so we really had a hard time looking for clothes that fit!

  3. ah spring cleaning!! I hate it lolx

    anyway love your banner, how did you do it?

    I did it from one of those banner creation sites. The url is on the header itself. And afterwards, I didn’t know how to make it fit so I got my domain host (Is that what you call them? I am so blur. Haha.) to help me out.

  4. MG, gosh…reading this entry just gave me a jolt on how time is running out…was trying to think that there’s still ample time. Just cleaned the fans and phased out lots of the kids’ toys yesterday. Following weekend will be the beddings and more phasing out stuff. Luckily kids’ cny clothes are done. Now left with mine. Pressure is mounting coz hubs want to have a mini open house this year…sigh. Usually we just go visiting. Hope your tasks get completed…

    What coincidence. Mine is sort of planning for a mini open house too. He asked me to cook lunch sumore. *Faints* Hahaha.

  5. ahh…that dept, luckily i can leave that to my MIL who’s a great cook…already hubs has hinted to her indirectly by saying difficult to get catered chinese food during cny :P. Perhaps you can suggest a pot luck for close relatives, it’ll ease some of your burden.:)

    Its not relatives. Its his workmates! Lagi teruk. Hehe.

  6. Times are bad, so this year we are cutting down on all the cakes & cookies. Shopping for clothings for the family are usually done by December, so no problem there.

    I’ve also been without a cleaner for more than half 3 months already. So, I started cleaning a little of each room every week. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise since I do not have to do housekeeping like mad once a year like what I used to do.

    You know, I always can’t seem to decide whether to do room by room or item by item eg. fans only or windows only etc. Hehe.

  7. wanted to do shopping the previous weekend but zen was sick and only recovered by last weekend so we didn’t dared to bring him out to malls in case he catches any bugs again… so that leaves us 2 more weekends only!! arghhh!! 🙂

    Yah. My girl is having a cough too. Somehow we always seem to fall sick around this time.

  8. Hey MG! A Happy CNY to you if I don’t get to chance your blog during that time. We’re heading back to KL for CNY; mebbe we can meet up. But then again, knowing you’re Ms. Mystery, i’m not gonna “force you.” LOL! But if you want to, drop me an email.

    Haha. Your comment made me laugh so hard. Well fyi, Ms Mstery will be in Penang during CNY. lol.

  9. Aren’t you glad that you have a maid to help out? 🙂

    Looks like when you have a bigger family it’s more fun… I am still cracking my head how to make CNY unforgettable for Reese as my in-laws’ version of CNY is just reunion dinner and visitation on the first two days… no deco and not much biscuits/goodies too. The first time I celebrated with them… I missed my own family so much! Totally no CNY mood.

    Just start and keep your own tradition. Thats what I did to make it fun and exciting for the kids. Getting new clothes, decorating the house, asking them to help pack angpows, buying CNY cookies, spring cleaning the house is a must for me whether we have visitors or otherwise. Thats what CNY is about and I want my kids to feel the mood. So I involve them in everything and then I buy the same cookies that you can only find during CNY and remind them about it. We usually balik kampung and have no visitors but I still do my spring cleaning, decorating house and buy cookies for ourselves. Hehe.

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