What would you do if….

  • the school guard has an eye on your maid, he leaves his duty at the guard post and tries to make conversation with you for 10 minutes to impress the maid (this one I really don’t know what to do)
  • your son is down with a fever but he wants to go to school (Just tell him No!)
  • your husband says you should not keep the kids school bag near the door where you keep them because he is afraid that cochcroaches may get in it and into his car, you tell him there is no better place to keep it and then when he gets into the car, a lizard jumps into his car? (You still think keeping the school bags by the door is the best thing because you don’t want to get dirt all over the house with the dirty rollers else  you will have worms and dirt in the bedroom rather than lizard and cochroaches in the bag but since he thinks its a lousy place let him think of a better place since he has said he will do so anyway)
  • you go to the toilet to call your hubby to ask how’s everything because you don’t want to wake the boy with the fever but then he is busy and says he will call back and when he does you are still in the toilet and so you don’t hear the house phone and when you eventually pick it up he is upset that it took you so long to answer the phone and that makes you mad so you just shout something about the lizard and then you hang up the phone and both of you are still mad. You had actually called to give him some suggestions like opening all the windows and hopefully the lizard will run off but instead of saying that you are so mad you just tell him “I tell you ah, the lizard did not come from the school bag!” lol. Thats married life. (Hmmm… better apologise soon because you have to rely on him to fetch you to the doctor this evening. Hahaha. Must really lower pride to apologise one you know because when you apologise, the spouse will still merajuk and say something like “You everytime like that one, shout then only apologise and he will still sound very mad at you.)
  • you are supposed to spring clean the house but you can’t decide whether to do so item by item (fans, floors etc) or room by room? (Decided to do it room by room this week and item by item next week.)
  • the girl has a cough, the boy has a fever, you have a sore throat and Chinese New Year is just round the corner (Drink more water, get more sleep)
  • your girlfriends arrange a get together in your hometown. You haven’t seen them in ages and it will be nice to catch up but you will be in your hometown for one full day at the most, the others are spent travelling and there will be lots of family commitments and relatives to visit and you also want to spend some time with the kids because its nice to see them having fun away from home (Still don’t know what to do. Feel torn.)
  • you said that your new year resolution is to exercise daily but then the boy has fever and you have to get him back to bed because the husband made so much commotion in the morning it woke the boy and then the maid took everything out of the cupboard and drawers to wipe, EVERYTHING, and then she can’t remember what goes where and so you have to go and sit down and sort everything and you say you might as well clear the cupboards and you forget all about your exercise (Thank goodness for the maid to help out and clearing things is fun and don’t shoot yourself over loss of one day in not exercising.)

Ahh…. writing always helps. I had started out with all the what ifs but after reading, I gave myself some answers. Hahaha.

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