Timetable of a Chinese School Primary One Student

My Girl just got her school timetable. It is something like this. They have 5 hours of lessons per day making it a total of 25 hours of lessons per week. During one week of school, she has…..

  • 5 hours for Chinese language
  • 4 1/2 hours of Malay Language
  • 1 hour of English Language
  • 2 hours of Maths in English
  • 3 hours of Maths in Chinese
  • I 1/2 hours of Science in English
  • 1 1/2 hours of Science in Chinese
  • 2 hours of moral
  • 1 hour of computer
  • 1 hour of gym
  • 1 hour of Music
  • 1 hour of Art
  • 1/2 hour of revision/overview

My thoughts when I saw the time table.

  • Wuah. Only 1 hour for English? No wonder they say the kids English will deteriorate when enter Chinese School.
  • Hmmm…. 4 1/2 hours for Malay. Perhaps that is a government requirement but not bad also lah so that they won’t have difficulty catching up in Bahasa Malaysia in secondary school if you intend to send them to Kebangsaan school then
  • Aisay…. what for want to teach Maths and Science in two languages. Thats just overloading the kids. Just teach it in one language lah, whatever language, I don’t really mind.
  • Got Art, Gym, Computer, Music. My girl will enjoy those but I heard that those classes have to make way for more academic ones later on from Std 3 onwards. During orientation, one of the parents complained that she never got to wash her kid’s gym clothes because the kid never got to run around and be kids, there was just work, work and more work and lessons…. of the academic kind.
  • Wuah! Sure got a lot of homework like that.

Can you share with me your kid’s timetable and what you think when you see this timetable?

Here’s another timetable from a blogger who sends her child to a private church based school. You might want to check it out to see the difference.

Timetable for Primary 1 Private “Kebangsaan” School

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6 thoughts on “Timetable of a Chinese School Primary One Student

  1. Actually, that’s how kids at Chinese schools study. They have more work and it’s always all about exam results. 😛 That’s why no gym loh…
    BTW, some schools want the children to attend school tuition, which means longer study hours.

    Oh yes, I forgot about that. My girl’s school requires all students to attend compulsory extra hours till 3.40pm from Std 3 onwards, I am not sure how many times a week.

  2. My first thought was also – only ONE hour of English? Really very academic based. And with all the work, I hope they really DO get to do gym coz sure looks like they dont have time for other play!

    But keep at it I guess, don’t be discouraged – play come easy to kids, but getting them into a discipline of some sort is harder.

    Have to play at home loh but sometimes at home oso no time to play because have to do homework. So kesian..

  3. The time table similar to my girl’s too.

    Her school principal told us that Eng version of Math and science will be out from time table next year. Really hope it is a true news. Else pity the students only.

  4. Your girl is going to grow up to be an all-rounder! 🙂 That’s a good thing, considering the world today. I think the ‘playing’ part is quickly making its way out of urban children’s life these days.

    The Maths and Science in two languages is a killer. I’d rather they stuck with English!

    Me too. I prefer in English but in Chinese is fine with me too as long as its just in one language. Studying the same subjects in two different languages is ridiculous IMHO.

  5. studying a subject in two languanges only goes to show that the education ministry is really screwed up. what benefit other than torture and additional stress would they ever see out of this?

    Its ridiculous to teach two subjects in two languages. Furthermore, I believe that the Chinese schools do it merely because they HAVE to and they do not place much emphasis on the English part, making it a waste of time for the kids to learn. Anything done half baked and without conviction is a waste of time. I’d prefer that they learn it in English but if it can’t be done right then just do it in one language, whatever language, I don’t really care as long as it reduces the burden for our kids.

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