The 15 days of Chinese New Year

On the 1st day of CNY we went to Thean Hou Temple to catch the lion dance but we were too late, then we went to a friend’s house to catch the lion dance but we were way too early so we had to leave before the dance. The kids were disappointed.

On the 2nd day of CNY, we travelled back to hometown. We could not miss the lion dance this time because uncle is part of the lion dance troupe and aunty cooks lunch for the lion dancers. With the exception of big sister, everyone else was there. Managed to catch up with some cousins too.

On the 3rd day of CNY, I caught up with 7 girlfriends, old schoolmates some of whom I have not seen in 20 years! We all agreed that we all looked better now than 20 years ago. Hahaha.

On the 4th day of CNY, we took the kids to meet up with my girl’s new classmate and her parents at the hotel where they were staying with. The kids swam at the pool and played on the beach and I saw Jimmy Choo! Wow! Later on we went for lunch together and separated afterwards. I then went to the temple to pay respects to my late mother. This year the caretaker helped me get beautiful flowers for mum. I couldn’t get the orchids that she wanted but the flowers were still beautiful nevertheless.

On the 5th day of CNY we travelled home and discovered that our neighbour had built his back wall into our premise! We dare not ask the workers to tear it down because we were afraid they would be mad (you don’t know what some of these foreign workers can be capable of) so we just spoke to the neighbours and requested that they please be careful not to encroach into our area for the rest of their reno work. Hmmm…

On the 6th day of CNY we slept in, so tired from the trip.

On the 7th day of CNY we wanted to organise a get together with some of my girl’s new classmates so that they could get to know each other better outside of the classroom but everyone was too busy.

On the 8th day of CNY, I cooked lunch for some of hubby’s colleagues and spouses. There were 12 adults and 7 kids altogether including us. I seldom cook for so many people. Fortunately it turned out ok. Hehe. Forgot to take pictures of the food to post. It was very noisy at night as firecrackers go off for the “pai theen gong.”

On the 9th day of CNY it was back to school for the kids as usual.

On the 10th day of CNY it was hubby’s birthday. We presented him with the kungfu dvds I had bought online and the kids and I gave him a massage for one whole hour while he watched it. Hahaha. of course, we also had the mandatory cake for the kids.

On the 11th day of CNY, it was back to work for hubby and me too I guess. Did one paid post. lol.

On the 12th day of CNY, that is today, it is business as usual.

On the 13th day of CNY, we have a family gathering, a housewarming cum early Chap Goh Meh occassion to attend.

On the 14th day of CNY, we have nothing planned.

On the 15th day of CNY, we may take the kids to see the lion dancers again for a Chap Goh Meh celebration and that completes our CNY this year.

I have consumed lots and lots of cookies but no yee sang yet.

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10 thoughts on “The 15 days of Chinese New Year

  1. Wah, activities lined up almost everyday on the first week of CNY. Mine was a quiet CNY. I chuckled when you mentioned that you and your kids gave your hubs a good massage whilst he watched his kungfu DVD! Sounds like a king getting treatment from his maidens lol!

    Haha. That would be two maidens and a boy (dunno what is the equivalent of a maiden for a boy?)

  2. hehehehe..that’s a very detailed list 😉 next year i’ll do a similar list cos now i think i have forgotten what happened (old age) 🙂 Have a fun Chap Goh Mei!

    This year I did a bit more so I thot I’d record it down before I forget. I am also very forgetful. Hehe.

  3. yee sang is something not to be missed for me. every year we will buy one pack from jusco (cheap oni) and bring back hometown to “lou” together :0

    I finally had one to satisfy my urge, during the family gathering. Haha.

  4. Hihi MG, Gong Xi Fatt Chai…

    Luckily, at last your kids able to see the lion dance. For me, I have yet to see any…

    Your husband loves to watch Kung Fu? He likes shao lin kung fu, hehe?
    It is such a nice gift from you and your kids that gave him a good massage for so long…he surely enjoyed the moment.

    He is always asking for massage from us but usually we manage short ones only so on his birthday, he requested for an hour long massage. Hahaha.

  5. Your husband really like massage ya? For me, I feel geli..hehe.

    Not only massage, he likes people to scratch his feet. For me, I also geli but I don’t mind a massage, especially a back massage. Hahaha.

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