The other day my husband wanted to have an early dinner because he wanted to play badminton in the evening. I went downstairs to use the microwave oven (I am sorry but I cannot remember what I was using the microwave oven for now!). Anyway, I was using the microwave oven and the maid had put the rice into the rice cooker to cook. After I finished with the microwave, I stood there and unplugged the rice cooker instead of the microwave and then I went upstairs.

A moment later, I went downstairs to cook the dishes and the maid told me that she found the wires for the rice cooker unplugged so she had plug it back on but this delayed the cooking time for the rice and hubby was in a hurry. The maid was also not sure how the plug came to be unplugged. She thought that she had forgotten to plug it. lol.

Only after she mentioned it to me, then, only then, did I realise that I had stood there for a while unplugging the wrong plug! Haiyoh! Luckily she found it and plug it back on otherwise, no rice for hubby.

Quite often I would start to do something then forget what it is I want to do. More often, I would start to say something then forget what it was I wanted to say mid sentence. You say, terrible or not?

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