No matter how good you are in your writing, there is nothing like a picture to complete your story. So, for the sake of blogging, I sacrificed my diet, to have a packet of that Maggie Tasty Lite Instant Noodles just so I could post the picture of it in my earlier post. I even climbed onto a chair to reach into the deep recess of my cupboard to get out my chinese tea cup which I had received in some hamper, just so I could put the teacup to complete my picture.

I wanted to make myself a cup of Jasmine tea to wash down the MSG that I had consummed for the sake of blogging but I was too lazy, so the photo was taken without any Jasmine Tea in it. Its empty, only for the sake of a picture for the sake of my blogging. Hahaha.

Some would call this “Chiak Pah Seow Eng”. If you don’t already know this, that means “Eat Full Too Free” literally translated, or simply “Wasting one’s time on frivolous things”. lol. Ah.. but for bloggers, its not true. I am not too free. I have a dozen things to do in my day but I must have that picture taken to complete my post for the sake of blogging.

So tell me, what have you done for the sake of blogging? Taken photos of every morsel of food you are about to consume (if you are a food blogger) or take a photo of your kid in the midst of a tantrum (if you are a parent blogger) “No honey, kick your legs a bit more to the center please, mummy wants to take a photo” or travel, take pictures and write (wouldn’t that be just wonderful, if only I had the time!), or stayed up till 4am to write review after review after review etc etc?

Oh do share with me what you have done for the sake of blogging. I am not “chiak pah seow eng” so I’ve got to go now to put some plaster into the holes on my ceiling but I hope to read what you have to say when I get back. Thanks for sharing.

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