Yawwwwn! Aaaachooo! Yaawwwwnn……..

Getting up at 6am and getting the girl ready for school is hard work. Making sure I get some exercise after she goes off to sleep instead of going back to sleep is hard work. Then getting the boy up and ready for school is another round of hard work.

Yup! My holiday is definitely over. Its back to school and back to work for all the mummies and daddies out there. Back to waking up early and worrying about how our little ones are coping in school especially if they claim they don’t like school or they start wetting their trousers in school when they have never had this problem at home before. Something is not quite right so mummy has to do some investigative work.

On the last two days of school before the school holidays the little one told me that he wanted to bring extra trousers to school because he was afraid that he would wet his trousers. I was surprised because he never had this problem at home before. On the last day of school, he came home without his socks, underwear and in someone else’s trousers because he had wet his. Definitely something is amiss. I couldn’t get it out of him exactly. He said he’s not afraid to ask teacher. He said the toilet is dirty, far away, teacher didn’t hear him, teacher asked him to ask someone else and then it was too late etc. So, which is it? So today, I’ve got to go and see the teacher to investigate. As for the girl, last night she said “Mummy, I really don’t like to go to this school.”  and then she started worrying about school. Yup! The holiday is definitely over for me.

I wish for another week of holiday.

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