I just can’t seem to stop buying books for the kids as well as for myself occassionally but more for the kids. Everytime I see a book, I think about how they would enjoy the stories inside or if its an activity book, the hours of fun they would have or if its a lesson book, how much they would learn and how I’d spend time teaching them from the book etc. Yup. I’m a self-confessed book buyaholic.

On Sunday, we went to Ikea because we wanted to get the kids their “road carpet” because their old one had worn out. We reached there at about 1pm. The car park was full and so we were directed to park at the side of the road. Oh my! It was a mad crowd. Looking at the crowd, you can’t help but think….”Errr….. but I thought we’re having a slowdown?” as you jostle among the crowd who sat on beds, tried chairs and stacked their trolley up with goodies. We couldn’t find the carpet and the crowd at the cafeteria was crazy so we ended up at Ikano Power Center and found the Popular Bookstore Book Fair.

Oh my! I ended home with a stack of books instead. lol. I was so pleased to find a stack of 5 lesson books for Primary 1 for only RM3. In it was English, Math, Chinese and Malay practise books. Miss Book Buyaholic decided to buy the Primary 2 one as well. It has 2 English Books, 2 Maths books and even a medium sized black and white Chinese picture dictionary in it. All for another RM3. Wow! 10 books for only RM6. Each book is between 50-80 pages so its not exactly thin thin cheapo type of books either. I guess each book would be worth about RM3. What a value buy! (Pictured above is my treasure trove of the 10 books). The info within those 10 books is definitely worth much more than RM6. Miss Book Buyaholic was estatic! Hahaha.

Help! My bookshelves are exploding! says Miss Book Buyaholic.

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