Are you the long hair or short hair type?

I am the long hair type. It must be because from the age of 7 to 12 I was forced to have short hair, very short hair because of the school I attended. I was in Methodist Girl’s School. They were very strict about hair. Must be above the colar and ears, fringe above the eyebrows etc. So after age 12, I rebelled and I have been rebelling ever since. Hahaha. I’ve only cut my hair fairly short once since then and I hated the look. Besides long hair is so much easier to look after, its low maintenance, like me. Hehehe.

Here’s an excerpt of an article I read on the web about women with long hair pinpointing women over 40 to be exact (that would be me if you didn’t already know). Haha.

“What Long Hair Reveals About Personality

Women who are over 40 years old and wear their hair long may not resist growing up. Dimitrius writes, “Sometimes women with this trait are caught in a time warp and still think of themselves as teenagers or college students rather than as grown-ups. Such women may be fairly unrealistic in their outlook on life as well as in their perception of themselves.”

Women who have long hair may believe it makes them more sexually appealing. Long hair could also reveal a bohemian spirit or freedom from conventional expectations.

Read more: “What Your Hair Says About You: Discovering Personality Traits Through Women’s Hairstyles” –

OMG! Hahaha. Perhaps its true. I always feel younger than my age. I’m like stuck forever young in my mind altho the body begs to differ. lol. Older also means slower metabolism. I was supposed to lose 5 pounds but I gained 5 pounds instead. Grrrrrrr! (But then thats another story for another day). The second part about freedom from conventional expectations is not true for me though. I’m very conventional to the point of being exceptionally boooorrrrriingg. Yaawwwwn.

What about you? Which hair type are you?

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  1. shoppingmum says:

    For me, my hair depends on my mood. It can be short, long, curly, or anything. 😛 I seldom care for my hair now as I hate to go to the hair salons here where they can’t understand English. So, my hair is rotting!

    I hate to go to salons. I feel like I’m wasting my time there. All the time I’d be thinking about the millions of other things I could be doing. Haha. As a result, I visit the salon probably once or twice a year only. DIY is better. 😛

  2. Merryn says:

    alamak.. i’m sporting long hair too.. does dat means i have to cut my hair short? then…i’ll finally look like one aunty.. hahhahahaha..

    Eeek! I donch wanna look like aunty! Or perhaps that should be I donch wanna admit that I look like aunty! Hehehe.

  3. foongpc says:

    Guess this doesn’t apply to me since I’m a man. Haha! But it’s good to think yourself as young. Better than thinking yourself as old, right? : )

    Definitely better. Eh, sorry hor, but I kept on thinking that you’re a mom. Hahaha.

  4. mott says:

    I’d like to be bald. Then I need not worry about my grey hairs, my dry hair, my twangy frizzy hair.

    But.. then I’d have brain freeze all the time, what with the cold weather. 😉

    Don’t wish for things that you don’t want to come true. Hahaha.

  5. henny says:

    hahaha…hair!! How could you find that site, MG? too much browsing I think 🙂
    I have ‘shoulder touched’ hair style, so maybe I’m between a long and short type. need one more personality for this kind. Have a great weekend there!

    Definitely too much browsing. 😛

  6. Ann says:

    I think coz you wanted long hair so badly last time….you still have not gotten sick of long hair yet!

    As for me, long hair = more hair dropping….was so scary after pregnancy!

    Luckily mine didn’t drop. Otherwise, round 1 drop, round 2 drop soon become botak. Hehe.

  7. KittyCat says:

    I’m definitely the long hair type but it’s hard to manage long locks with a tot! Maybe laterlah when I reach 40 hahaha

    Easy wan, just tie into pony tail or bun. Hehe.

  8. sting says:

    am the long hair type though I know very well that short hair suits me so much better… got a small face. so if the weather is really hot, I’ll cute it short 🙂

    Whenever I cut mine short, I always look ugly. See how, maybe at age 50. Hahaha.

  9. health freak says:

    I am always the long hair type, no wonder I can always pass off as a student haha! BTW, I was just like you during my school days, hence my love for long hair now 🙂

    Eh buden hor, the older you get, the older you look with long hair wor. How?

  10. FamilyFirst says:

    Im MGS KL here .. hehehe. But dont remember having strict rules about hair … but I had short hair too at school. Now, hitting 40 soon, I still have my long hair! Adui! Need to cut meh? But hor, yalah, hair dropping so much since childbirth. I might really chop it off real soon!

    Nvm lah, you hitting 40 got long hair, I over 40 still got long hair wut. Hahaha.

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