We communicate via email sometimes. It may sound ridiculous but sometimes we email each other every day to “talk”. For us, email is a very effective and useful form of communication.

With young kids around and very little hours in a day where we get to see each other, we hardly have time to talk each day. And even if we do have time to talk, we’re always being interrupted during our conversation, either by kids or by the thousands of things that we need to do in our todo list.

During the weekdays, hubby leaves the house before we’re awake. He says goodbye to us individually and we all murmur back at him sleepily. Haha. When he gets home, its his turn to murmur back at us because he is usually either too tired or has more work to do. That was how it was before the girl went to Primary School. Now, its just a sleepy rush for everyone in the morning accept the little one who gets to sleep in a little longer each morning. With the kids around, that leaves zero communication hours each work week day. That leaves only the weekend and we’re always busy during the weekends as well, rushing around to do this errand and that.

So we find the email very useful. We email the things we want to say to each other before we forget to say them. Little mundane things or things that we want to update each other about. Sometimes hubby writes down those things in a little notebook to be talked about later but email is faster. We just write down whatever we want to say and the other spouse replies quickly in email then we discuss them in more detail when we do find the time to talk or we might reply in person instead of via email. Crazy? But it works for us and I’m happy to email the man about my day for him to read about in the evenings or early mornings otherwise I would probably forget to tell him all the little details by the time we manage to find the time to talk. 😉

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