I love contests and I can’t read maps

I love contests and dreaming about the chance of winning. However, entering contest does take a certain amount of effort. You have to fill up some form or survey and come up with a slogan at times. Then you have to go mail your entry. And finally if you do win, you have to go and collect your prize at some far away distant land. Hahaha.

Well, that was what happened to me recently. I won some foot protection stockings, 12 pairs in all costing up to RM100. But I had to go and  pick it up in a land far away. Which comes to the next  point about me. The fact that I can’t read maps very well.

My husband was very kind to offer to take me to this distant land to pick up my winnings but I think he got very frustrated by the way I read maps (as usual) and I think eventually, he probably thought it was easier to give me the RM100 to go buy the stockings myself. Hahaha.

I remember once when we went on a holiday somewhere, we ended up having a big fight because of my map reading skills. He got frustrated and you know smoke started to come out of his nostrils and ears and then he said I can’t remember what, which ended up in me saying “If you’re so smart and clever, why don’t you read it yourself!” which of course he can’t because he was driving. Hahaha. And one thing led to another and the holiday (well that day anyway) turned into a disaster. Its so funny now to think about it. Sometimes we fight over such small things and we ruin our own happy day and now, years later, I can’t even remember what we said to each other and why we got so mad. Silly isn’t it?

Anyway, the other day, I could see the man holding his breath and trying not to explode. Lol. Eventually, we got to the land faraway and I got to collect my winnings. Sometimes I wonder if its worth it. All that trouble for 12 stockings. 😛

Now, I’m waiting for the chance to win that RM200 plus bed sheet set or some shopping RM vouchers from a shopping center. Just you wait and see. Someday… someday… I’m gonna win something big. In the meantime, does anyone know of any contest that includes a car gps map thingy (or whatever it is you call it since I am a bit technically challenged, I can’t remember what its called) as a prize?

Which reminds me, the latest Proton Exora H-Line model has it, I think. The other day, we happened to drive pass a Proton showroom, so being kpc Malaysians, we went in to kaypoh and look around. What do you think of the Proton Exora. Would you buy it?

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  1. Merryn says:

    if there is such a contest on the GPS, i’ll keep quiet n join it, n inform u ONLY after I WIN it, to avoid stiff competition from YOU! hahhaha.. i dunno why in da world ppl purchase the exora just for the GPS n dvd player. can get it outside n install it to any cars what!!!

    Haha. I agree with you on that. Never buy a car based on its accessories alone!

  2. leeyen says:

    haha! my man will always stop by the roadside to check the map instead of letting me read the map beside him! u know why lah!

    i suggest to ask my man to get a GPS too but he said he’s the GPS itself! 🙁

    Haha. I like that. You’ve got a living GPS. Nice and Cheap. lol.

  3. Ann says:

    Keep up the contest entering….you will definitely win something big one day! Something like keeping the ball rolling you know….

    Exora? Hubby is eyeing it and dropping hints like mad! Hai…and I haven’t even got my Myvi yet!

    Haha. Like that you’ve got to wait longer for your Myvi liao.

  4. khongfamily says:

    Haha…don’t worry lar. I’m pretty bad in directions and reading maps. Daddykhong rather reads the map himself while driving…haha. As for the Exora, if you have to buy one now, get the M-Line as it is more value for money. For the H-Line price, you are better off buying a Kia Rondo.

    Else, wait for the Exora turbo which will be coming in the next couple of months. The current 1.6 Campro CPS is underpowered for the Exora despite what Proton claims

    Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  5. Martini says:

    aiyo, I also kena complain when hubby asked me to read the map, so you juz imagine when there will be a junction soon in front of you and you have to let him know whether to turn or go straight immidiately, sigh!

    Wish you can win a better contest in this near future 🙂 Why don’t you ask them to deliver the gift to you? You can pay the postage fee, I think it’s only about RM10.

    I hate junctions! Hahaha.

  6. mott says:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. Is something going on here???

    I hate Ms.GPS. I hate her I hate her I hate her. She takes me to the longest route and I forever panic when I miss a turning. She puts too much pressure on me when I’m driving. Throw me the ol fashioned maps anytime!


    Haha. How about passing your hateful Ms GPS to me? *wink wink*

  7. foongpc says:

    Your husband shouldn’t have asked you to read maps! Refer him to the book “Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Can’t Read Maps” by Allan & Barbara Pease : )

    I’d probably have to read the book to him the way I read the map to him. Hahaha.

  8. Moomykin says:

    I also love contest, but I am not the type to want to come up with a slogan. I usually do those simple ones which is more like exchange programmes – collect barcodes and exchange for stuff. Me go for instant rewards. hahaha..

    I can usually read a map, but occasionally I get map-blind (i.e. color-blind) and Hubby will look at me like, “what’s wrong with you today?” Hahaha…

    Map-blind. I like your term. Hehe.

  9. elaine says:

    i love the GPS, thanks to it, i need not follow hubs to client appointments as he’s horrid with directions. I went everywhere with him when i was pregnant and when baby came along, we lugged baby along too.
    Today, hubs went to Shah Alam all by himself with GPS help.
    I like the exora, a good buy. although Proton cars comes with imperfections but it’s small matter compared to the price and spare parts.

    Hi Elaine, Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  10. Joanne Tiew says:

    I also have no sense of direction. I can’t read maps too. Luckily every time my husband is the one who will be memorising the maps (before we take off) and therefore I need not help him in reading the maps.

    I remembered you have written a post before that you love contest, right? For me, I hate contest with slogan.

    My husband usually memorises the maps too but after a while he forgets and have to rely on me. Hehehe.

  11. Daddy Parenting Tips says:

    The thing about Malaysian traffic is that many drivers have a super instinct to use different roads to beat the jam. That way you can reach the destination faster than any GPS map can assist you with. Plus, sometimes, you can use backlanes which the GPS may not know.

    My blog post on winning contests is here

    You are definitely right about that. My bro loves to use short cuts to reach his destination just the way you described.

  12. Adino says:

    I own a GPS that came from Proton, and I have to say it’s not 100% reliable. It would be best to do a simulation run on the GPS before you actually go on the road so you can get a general idea where to go.

    However, one time it did teach me a shorter route.

    As for the Proton Exora, it would depend on your transportation needs. If you are looking for a MPV then go make an appointment for a test drive.

    Search some forums to find out feedback. It would be best to wait a few months (you know what they say about the first batch of production cars)

    The only concern I would have is the engine being underpowered.

    In terms of quality I have renewed confidence with Proton. My new Persona was a very pleasant surprise.

    You might be right about the first batch thing…

  13. Shooi says:

    After 2 dissapointing Proton cars, hubb and i vowed not to get another Proton car after he changed his last year.

    On the other hand, my current and previous car were Peroduas, and i think their quality is waayyyyyy better. If i were buying local, i would opt for perodua anytime.

    Yah my protons give me problems too but then what to do, cannot afford anything else. Haha.

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