I’ve been sick with a very bad flu. Fever, Chills, Cough, Blocked Nose. I couldn’t eat. So I was on a diet of plain porridge and bread. Because I ate so little all week, my stomach became bloated afterwards and I had wind in the stomach, bloatedness, nausea, flatulence blah blah blah. Plus we had a really busy 2-3 weeks with all sorts of big errands to run. Fortunately we’re almost through with them now.

Thats why my blog has been neglected for some time. I’m now finally beggining to feel a little bit more like myself now. Before that the fever and chills were so bad, all I could do was moan and sleep all day.

Its horrible to be sick. I’m still feeling a little bit tired but at least no more of those horrible chills. I felt all day nausea which was so bad that I even got a pregnancy test kit to test if I was pregnant. Hahaha. But of course I’m not. The timing is not right though the bloated feeling and nausea sure felt that way.

I hate to be sick. Did I say that already? Yes, I hate to be sick!

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