Married for 8 years

The other day my sister asked me how long I’ve been married and I told her I shall be celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary soon. I then told hubby about it and he said “Eh, your daugher is seven years old already lah, how can we be married for seven years?” Hehe. I must be getting old.

Yes, I must be getting old indeed because I told him “Dear, this year for our anniversary, the best present we can get each other is not to get each other anything or do anything because we’ve been sick and so busy running around, its so tiring.”

My dear man said “That sounds terrible.” but I think inside he must be shouting with joy and agreeing whole heartedly. Hahaha.

Yes indeed. I must be getting old. I can’t believe I’ve turned so practical and unromantic. Help!

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  1. miche says:

    We have more important things in life now that to remember anniversaries and our own birthdays. This is my 8th year too and we almost forgotten about it!

  2. Syn says:

    think it comes with age, i also cannot remember well and have to really think. this also applies to my age, when ppl ask, i have to pause and think. hehe, perhaps, i’m in denial. haha…anyway, with motherhood, you already got so much to remember. how 2 remember these also rite?! 😉

    happy anniversary! hope ur feeling much better now.

  3. Eric W. says:

    Whether it’s a marriage or a long-term dating relationship, even if you’re too tired, make that extra effort! 🙂
    Wear a nostalgic dress, play a special song, write about what he means to you. It doesn’t need to be a big deal, just a little creative and from the heart.

    That’s the advice I give people when they e-mail me with similar questions.

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