You can customise just about anything these days. Photo Albums, Calendars, Coffee Cups, T-shirts etc. Do you know that you can even customise your credit card by dictating your own terms and putting your own image on it? You can do it, with the all-new Alliance Bank You:nique Picture Card Service. Its Malaysia’s first and only credit card that allows you to design your own card. Not only that, you get to customize the features that you want too!

I created a few custom designs from the Alliance Bank Custom Credit Card site. You can choose from landscaped pictures, pictures of animals or abstract art. Its up to you. You can even upload your favourite vacation pictures or pictures of your kids, your beloved pet or your own favourite portrait.

Designing your own card is just the icing on the cake. What is most unique of all is you can customise the features that are important to you in a credit card whether its rebates, rates or rewards. For example you can choose to get a monthly cash rebate of up to 2% on all retail purchases or if you prefer, you can reduce your finance cost by by half from 18% to 9% throughout the tenure of your card if you consistently make a make minimum payment every month.

Or if you’re the type which like to accumulate points and redeem gifts for yourself or your loved ones, you may opt for 2X rewards for all local and overseas retail purchases (excluding petrol and government agencies) not only during promotional periods but throughout the lifetime of your card.
You are eligible to apply for this custom credit card if you are above 21 and earn a minimum income of RM18,000 p.a. Supplementary cards for immediate family members who are above 18 is available too.

You can upload your favourite photo online, review it immediately and submit your application online in minutes. You will then be contacted via sms once your design and application is approved. It is as simple as that.

You:nique Credit Card from Alliance Bank is currently running a “Sweet Family Moments” Photo Contest. So if you apply for the card now and upload your own “Sweet Family Moments” Photo as the image on your card, who knows you may even win yourself a Nikon COOLPIX S620 to create even more “Sweet Family Moments” photos and memories. Hurry and check it out at as the contest ends on 31 July 2009.

The above is the “Sweet Family Moments” photo I created with a picture of fellow mommy blogger Sasha’s Justin. What do you think? Do you think it will win the contest? Why not try to create your own? You can create a few and put it up on your blog for voting before submitting it for the contest.

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