Britain’s Got Talent Finals 2009

Did you watch the Britain’s Got Talent Finals 2009? What did you think of the results? For me, I think every one of the finalists are talented and its hard to pick a winner. Its hard to pick because there are just so many variables.

For one, the ages of the contestants are so different. And then there are group acts and solo acts, songs and dances and musicians. How do you pick? Perhaps they should categorize them and have a winner for each category. It’ll be easier then. 🙂


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  1. miche says:

    I agree with you. At first I wanted Susan Boyle to win but when I heard Shaheen sang, I really hope he could win.

    I wanted all of them to win. Hahaha.

  2. FamilyFirst says:

    aiyoh no time for this now. am crazy over rolland garos and hate it cos nadal lost!

    Haha. Thats ok. With YouTube you can catch up with it when you have the time.

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