Have you ever been lost in a Car Park? Well, I have….. many times. Sometimes I can’t even remember which floor I park my car in, not to mention where. I’ve even been trapped in a car park (till I found help) because I didn’t have enough money on me to pay for the Car Park fees. Terrible huh?

Now, there is a new novel way to help you remember where you parked your car. I’ve seen a few people do it before. After they park their car and alight from their vehicle, they take a picture of the car park location and number using the digital cameras that comes with their hand phones. How novel and how clever. I haven’t tried it before but now I know how not to get lost in a car park. Just take a picture. A picture really speaks a 1000 words.

I haven’t tried it because quite often I try to park at the same spot or around the same familiar spot for the malls that I frequent then I don’t even have to think. However, that can only be done if its not packed or a peak period.

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