Lost in a Car Park

Have you ever been lost in a Car Park? Well, I have….. many times. Sometimes I can’t even remember which floor I park my car in, not to mention where. I’ve even been trapped in a car park (till I found help) because I didn’t have enough money on me to pay for the Car Park fees. Terrible huh?

Now, there is a new novel way to help you remember where you parked your car. I’ve seen a few people do it before. After they park their car and alight from their vehicle, they take a picture of the car park location and number using the digital cameras that comes with their hand phones. How novel and how clever. I haven’t tried it before but now I know how not to get lost in a car park. Just take a picture. A picture really speaks a 1000 words.

I haven’t tried it because quite often I try to park at the same spot or around the same familiar spot for the malls that I frequent then I don’t even have to think. However, that can only be done if its not packed or a peak period.

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9 thoughts on “Lost in a Car Park

  1. same here.. I will normally try my very best to park near the entrance.. in and out the same way… die die must walk back to that place I enter the mall… the worse car park I been is KLCC!!! aiyo, sure go missing if I didn’t remember which slots I park… 🙁

  2. Haven’t got lost yet. I always make it a point to remember where I came up from….it helps that I got training since I was young. My parents were hopeless at remembering….and I loved to be depended upon….well…

  3. I make it a habit to always note where(which shop next to the entrance/exit, or the one across) I come up from when coming out of the car park, and then I head back to the same exit/entrance. I don’t even try to take the life just across the walkway if I had used the escalator, unless I have to push a shopping cart.

  4. I have lost in a car park once when me and my husband were at Mid Valley. Luckily we have found it at last.

    From that incident onwards, we learned to be smarter.
    Now we used hp to record the parking lot no.

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