After two whole weeks of sleeping in, we’re back to our school routine again. Back to the routine of waking up early, supervising homework etc. Yaaaaawwwn! I wish the back to routine could have waited another day, well, just until my birthday is over. Hehe. Today everyone goes to work leaving me all by my lonesome self to …………… party! Yes, I can party and do whatever I want because I have all the ME time I want. A time of peaceful solitude all to myself that I always crave for. So what am I complaining about? But it would be nice if everyone was at home with me. Oh, we women are so fickle at times. I complain about me time all the time but now that I have me time, I want company.

Anyway Dad said he wanted to come over today. He said he will get big sis to fetch him. That was yesterday when he was alert. I wonder how he will be today. Perhaps he will return to his sleepy self and have forgotten about it. Poor Dad.

Yesterday, we went to the cake shop and I got a black forest over the counter and asked the girl to write “Happy Birthday Mummy” on the cake and requested for the candles myself. I used to complain about buying my own birthday cakes but I am used to it now. Haha. We kept the cake in the fridge. We’ll eat it tonight after everyone comes home from school and work.

Then we’ll pretend to open up the present which we went to buy together during the weekend. Haha. No surprise at all. I know what the present is and I bought the cake myself. Hubby got me the electronic dictionary that I requested for. Its actually for the kids. I am happy because it has quite a lot of features which will help me help the kids. They can learn to use it too. Yeah! The kids helped me to wrap up the present. Even if we know whats in it, we still MUST have the tradition of singing songs and opening presents after cutting the cake or the kids won’t think its a birthday.

They’re both complaining. “Your birthday’s no fun, mummy. We want to go to Megakidz or Kidsports or whatever. And your birthday won’t start till late evening. Why must we wait so long!” To them, birthdays only start when you sing the song, cut the cake and open presents.

My dear hubby wanted to take leave to keep me company on my birthday but I told him not to waste his leave because we still need it later on for other purposes like collecting report card, piano exams, accompanying me to the doctor etc. It seems like his leave is always used up for family errands. Poor man but I don’t think he minds really, thats why he is a dear husband to me and a beloved father to the kids who adore him.

Well, I should finish my long winded post here because the boy is grumbling. He can’t wait to go to school  you see. He misses all his friends so. So I’ve got to go and get him ready now. The girl’s in school by now. She wasn’t as enthusiastic as him because she hates Monday since its assembly day. And big school just isn’t quite the same like kindy days where its mostly fun.

Now that they’re back to school, hopefully I can have more time to update my blogs. I’ve just been so busy during the school holidays.

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