When you become a mother you have to become a child again because….

  • How do you teach a child to be confident when you have been struggling with self image issues all your life?
  • How do you teach a child to be happy with herself when you are happy with your own body image?
  • How do you teach a child to eat healthily when you can’t help yourself from reaching out for that piece of fried chicken?
  • How do you teach a child to be brave when you are scared of a lot of things yourself?
  • How do you teach a child patience when you are always in a hurry?
  • How? How? How?

The list is endless and the answer for me as a mom, is to relearn and teach myself all those things all over again, so that I can teach them to my child. Apart from self esteem and confidence, the same goes for teaching anything else.  You have to learn again in order to teach. In order to become a good teacher, you have to first become a student all over again.

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