This is my latest toy. Its an electronic dictionary. I got it as a birthday present from hubby…. upon request. Hehe. Well, if I don’t request it, I’ll either get nothing or perhaps something else new for the house. 😉

I like my Besta CD-668M very much. My only grouse is it does a rather lousy word for word kind of sentence translation under the sentence translation feature. Another way it can be improved is if they included a Math and Science terms trilingual (English-Malay-Chinese) dictionary in there. Then it would be perfect. Apart from that, I find an electronic dictionary very useful as a tool to teach my daughter.

The part that I find the most useful of all is the Chinese to English dictionaries. The trilingual dictionary including the Malay dictionary is quite useful too. Other than the dictionary, the 4-in-1 local learning card which comes free with the dictionary, has lots and lots of stuff for students is quite relevant for us as well. We can find Simpulan Bahasa, Penjodoh Bilangan etc in there. I find that my girl’s Primary One Malay has quite difficult Penjodoh Bilangan and Simpulan Bahasa which I need to refer to a dictionary to find out instead of racking this old brain of mine.

I like the handwriting input for Chinese Characters. It is easy to search for words that way. I also like the voice output which helps in our Chinese Pronounciation and the Chinese Handwriting Stroke Practise. The voice output is in English and Malay too. Even my 5 year old is learning to use the electronic dictionary now. We take it out for homework and revision use.

Yes, I love my new toy very much. And I would love it even better if Besta paid me for this post. 😉

I would certainly recommend an electronic dictionary to anyone who does not understand Mandarin but whose kid is attending Chinese school. You’ll find it very useful…. but you must have a little bit of basic knowledge yourself in order to write the Characters and search for words. 🙂 You can check around because there are many brands available. Sometimes they go to the schools and sell it there at a cheaper rate too so you can wait for special discounts as well. Another brand of electronic dictionary had such a special discount at my girl’s school but I had already bought my Besta at the time so I couldn’t enjoy the discount which is quite worth it.


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