Do you go to the toilet everyday for a bowel movement? Well, Mr MG does. And he wanted me to train the kids to do so too. I know its a good thing to get rid of all those toxins but to me, “training” them to go to the toilet in the morning for a bowel movement means adding an extra itenary to my morning rush. “You don’t know how to invest in the future.” he said. “If they can go to the toilet in the morning, you will find it a lot easier when they don’t have to rush to the toilet during the day when we’re out for example.”

I couldn’t agree with him so we decided to ask the paeditrician. The paeditrician said it is not necessary to have a daily bowel movement. Every 2-3 days is fine. Just go when you feel like it. However, Mr MG was not satisfied. He insisted that its a good thing and showed me articles on the internet. So, no choice, I had to train the kids.

What do you know? Eventually, the girl became so good, she can have a bowel movement every morning. And now the boy is learning too. It helps that they don’t have to rush to the toilet when we’re out or use the school’s not so clean toilet. Home is always still the best.

So now, the whole family is trained to have daily bowel movements each morning. All accept me. Mr MG calls me the pangsai tangki because whenever I sitΒ on the “throne”, there is nothing. And I call him the pangsai machine because whenever he sits on the “throne” there is something. And we have a good laugh over it. But when we are out and I suddenly have to rush to the toilet in the mall after a meal, he has the last laugh. πŸ˜› Seriously, my stomach needs more training. I remember days when I was driving to work and suddenly in the traffic jam, I’d have the most bad stomach ache!

What about you? Do you go to the toilet everyday?

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