Childhood Songs, Rhymes and Memories

The other day the girl came home and said “Mommy, I want to sing a song to you.” Then she started to sing a Chinese song, something about going to the toilet and keeping the toilet clean. It was a song I had never heard before.

Thats one of the “cons” of sending your kid to a Chinese school when you did not attend one. You can’t relate to or identify with any of the songs or rhymes they learn in school. The sound quite alien to me. None of them sound familiar. I could not sing along with her or chant the rhymes along with her. They did not bring back any childhood memories to me.

I think I may have to start learning some new Chinese Children’s Songs and Rhymes. I have quite a few at home. I bought them so that the children could learn to learn Chinese from Singing. They come in little books with audio CDs. The books has lyrics to the songs.

I must remember to put them on for the kids to listen to and learn some of them myself!

In the meantime, I think I will go to YouTube for Children’s Chinese Songs. At least this one below sounds a bit familiar and it even has Pinyin as well as English Translation. Yup. That is exactly what I need.

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5 thoughts on “Childhood Songs, Rhymes and Memories

  1. I bought a VCD of Mickey and Chinese songs too..but my boy doesnt fancy it leh…

    Yeah, my kids don’t fancy them too. They always request for English story books and English tapes.

  2. hi MG thanks for sharing! i have been singing this song to my son since he was born! keke! but this version really sounds happy! try to sing it slow and u’ll find it’s indeed a sad song!

    This version is catchy and nice yah.

  3. My sons sing a certain Chinese song I that also cannot understand and think it sound s a bit off… of course, my boys are also real “bananas” and sing Chinese songs with American accent. hahaha…

    Haha. Yes, my girl used to have that Mat Salleh slang too but after 8 months in chinese primary school, the slang is wearing off.

  4. oooohhh…..what more mandarin songs!! Thank God for Youtube!

    You just reminded me that I should post my YouTube channel for sharing soon. Theres lots of goodies in there… children’s videos for both boys and girls.

  5. Thank u so much for putting up the Ni Wa Wa song. My girl got ‘addicted’ and has been asking me to go into ur blog to listen to the song (added to my favourites now). And the song led to so many other songs on YouTube.

    Tracy, you can make a playlist for her, so she can play them continuously without having to search and jump from one to another. Check out my next post for my playlist for your girl.

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