I have been a YouTube user since December 18, 2006. That’s what it says on my YouTube Channel. I hadn’t realised that. I absolutely love YouTube! You can find a video on just about anything you need in there. What I love the most about YouTube is the playlist. I have created a few playlists and I am allowed to select “Play All” of my playlist which plays the videos on my playlist continuously like a long cartoon, show or music video etc.

I use YouTube for my kids to watch their favourite cartoons. I find educational videos to teach them and as for myself, I have workout videos in parts which I can put together to make my very own workout routine. I also have my favourite free and easy listening playlist as well as 90s music which I enjoy. I also listen to piano pieces that I am learning to help me in my learning process.

So, here it is, My YouTube Channel to share with my blog readers. Go ahead and check it out and make use of it if you like. In my playlist, I have cartoons for boys and girls so you can find videos for your boy or girl without searching hard. I have already done the job for you (I created the playlists from time to time but I only set up my channel this week). I will regularly update the playlists. So enjoy!

At the moment, I have the following playlists:

  1. Love Songs (91 videos)
  2. Musicals and Disney Singalongs (40 videos) – For the girls and boys too.
  3. Christmas Songs (21 videos)
  4. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (32 videos) – For the boys.
  5. Chinese Songs and Cartoons for Kids (37 videos) – For teaching kids Chinese
  6. Cartoons (15 videos)
  7. Dance, Fitness, Exercise, Aerobics (65 videos)
  8. Piano and Other Pieces (12 videos)
  9. Educational Series (5 videos) – For teaching English Grammar
  10. My 80’s (32 videos)
  11. Children’s Songs (3 videos)

When you go to My YouTube Channel, all you need to do is pick the playlist you like, then click on the video that you like. The playlist will play the videos continuously starting from that video you clicked. Great isn’t it? Very easy for the kids. They don’t have to do any navigation or surfing and the best part is, its all free!

If you have the time, you can create your own playlist too. If you already have a playlist, why not share it here in my comments box. I’ll post up your playlist or YouTube Channel links right here in this post.

This looks a bit like a sponsored post doesn’t it? 😉 It’s not. I wish I was being paid for this though. Jobs are hard to come by this days.

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