I’m finding it harder to handle my 7 year old now compared to when she was a baby, a toddler, a terrible twos stage (which was never terrible but rather cute and adorable), preschooler etc.

However, now that she is a 7 year old I am lost. I handled the “No!”s stage without going beserk. I came out of the “Why’s” stage still sane. Now we’re at the “How’s” stage and I am lost!

Each day, from morning to night, she would bombard me with “How?” Its not “How” for a new thing mind you. Its “How” for the same thing. Usually its for things like…..

“Mummy, I went to the bathroom and my hands touched the toilet seat and then I touched my face. How?”

“Mummy, I whistled during naptime and didn’t sleep. How?”

“Mummy, I talked in class and didn’t pay attention to what teacher said. How?”

And the list goes on, from morn to night, day in and day out. From the first moment when we wake up to the last thing before we sleep (really! I am not exaggerating) , she would have a statement followed by a “How”. It drives me crazy! I wonder why does she seek approval from me in every little thing she does? Does she lack confidence so? Am I so controlling? Is she seeking attention? Does she want to come to me herself to avoid being scolded? Have I been giving her too many conflicting signals? What? Why? How? Sometimes its for really really trivial things, sometimes its for something really naughty that she did.

Sometimes she is satisfied with my standard replies of either “Don’t do it again.” or “Don’t worry about it. Its just a small thing.” to which she will ask So, its ok if I do it again?”

I don’t know how to handle it. I have tried telling her to come to me only if its very important. I told her “Mummy and daddy have taught you what is wrong and right. Now you know that you should not do the wrong things and you should do more of the right things. So don’t come to me AFTER you have done the wrong things and ask me “how?” to which she would retort. Ok, then next time I won’t tell you anything even if I did the wrong thing.”

I am reaching my “breaking point”. Cannot tahan anymore. Would somebody tell me HOW?

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