I’m never short of hugs at home. A hug is the most powerful thing. With just a short hug you say “I Love You and I Care About You” without words. Its a warm lovely feeling to be hugged and to hug and cuddle.

The thing with children is they give their hugs so freely. With two young kids at home, I’m never short of hugs. If I want a hug, all I need to do is put out my arms to one of them and they’ll run eagerly into my arms for a hug. The man is a little bit more restraint than that.

I wonder why people give out hugs so easily when they’re young and then shy away from them when they’re adults? Why do people find it so easy to hug their children but not their parents?

Even if I don’t put out my arms, they’ll usually creep or gravitate towards me somehow. Last night after lights were out and everyone was told to shhhh after a while, one little one crept towards me, hugged me and said “Mummy, you’re a good mummy.” That gave me the warmest feeling ever.

I hope to raise children who will not be afraid to hug. I hope that they will not become shy or afraid to hug me when they grow up so I’m going to teach them that there is nothing to be shy about in hugging and showing someone that you care about them through hugs. How do you teach that? By giving out plenty of hugs naturally.

Hopefully that will keep my hug supply going for many more years to come and not only in toddlerhood or childhood.

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