Olfactory Memory

Last night I was stirring a glass of honey and suddenly I was small again, in my mother’s kitchen, drinking the same smelling honey which I had drunk often as a child. Its funny how certain smells can invoke childhood memories almost instantaneously transporting us back through time.

I know many smells remind me of my mother. Smells of peeling or chopping onion reminds me of helping her in the kitchen. Smells of cakes being baked reminds me of mum too. Smells of half boiled eggs reminds me of my dad who took it daily when we were young. Smells of Fish Oil reminds me of, well of Fish Oil taken as a child. Smells of plain white porridge or plain bread dipped in Milo reminds me of being sick as a child etc etc.

Most of my olfactory memories relate to childhood events. So I guess, if I want my children to remember me when they are older, I better go and whip up some good regular cooking of the same foods they love often. A pity, I don’t bake. That would make some good childhood memories.

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4 thoughts on “Olfactory Memory

  1. haha…MG, reading this post made me smile and think a while…maybe “smells” not for me.
    Maybe when my kids see “a messy room full of pieces scattered fabrics” then they remind me 🙂
    So what memory is it called?

    Visual? 😉

  2. Your smell memories are kinda ‘weird’….hahahaha….
    Your mum must have been a great cook !!!

    But it is great that you want to build these memories for your kids. I wish to do so too! But my cakes always come out burnt!!! Hope boyboy doesn’t associate that smell with me! Hehehe….

    Haha. I guess its because my mom passed away when I was young so those are the only early memories I have of her.

  3. an oven is a worthwhile investment, especially when you have young children! 🙂

    I asked the hubs and he said “You where got time to bake.”…. which is true. 😛

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