Not a paid post. I just love to share a good thing. 🙂

I love my personalised iGoogle homepage. Its like my personalised online magazine and newspaper. So far, I have created 3 pages. I am using the iGoogle Beach theme. I love it. It is fantastic because the sun rises and sets on the page. Another theme which I love which has a changing night and day scene is the Winter Village. 

On my homepage are news articles from all over the world plus a widget from Google News which displays updated news from the Google News site. I have motivational posters and sayings plus a clock and a countdown timer there. I have an easy link to the various google services I use like blogger, adsense, etc. I have a YouTube search box plus a link to my Gmail. I also love Google Maps which is right there on my homepage too.

The second page is my entertainment page. It looks very much like a women’s magazine. I stuff it with pictures of beautiful women (hoping that by looking at beautiful people daily, I will become beautiful too. Haha. Just kidding, maybe its just to inspire and remind myself not to let myself go and look like an old aunty). I included pictures of shoes, handbags and beautiful gowns, all very lovely to look at but no money to own and no reason to have because there is no occassion to wear them to. (sob. sob.). The pictures are updated whenever I refresh the page so I don’t get bored looking at them. On that page, I have rss to fashion articles plus those tabloid style celebrity gossip. (which only shallow people read. Its ok to be shallow once in a while so….. I read them occassionally. haha.)

The third page is my Parenting page. There I have pictures of children, parenting jokes, inspirational posters and sayings plus parenting articles of course.

I’m thinking of starting a health tab as well.

Its really like having an online magazine with personalised content that is updated regularly with the latest news and articles on the subject matter of your interest.

If you haven’t got an iGoogle personalised page, you should think of starting one. You can use themes to create the look you want, then pull in the rss to content you want plus add in cool gadgets too. You can see how some iGoogle homepages created by world-renowned celebrities and thought leaders look like on the iGoogle Showcase.

I use lots of Google Gadgets on my iGoogle pages. Do you know that  you can put some of these Google Gadgets on  your webpage or blog too? – Google Gadgets for your blog.

I have used MSN and Yahoo personalised homepages before but I find iGoogle the best. What about you? Do you have any personalised pages? What sort of theme do you like?

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