To Do List

My To Do List from 15 years ago….

  • invite chairman for conference
  • have lunch with hotel sales staff
  • speak to sponsors about gifts for event
  • have drink with girl friend
  • have meeting with staff (again!)
  • buy that must have high heels
  • blah blah blah

My To Do List today……..

  • fix that broken shower stall door
  • call the contractor about the leaking roof
  • help the girl with her revision
  • help the boy with his concert practise
  • remind the man to buy bread
  • replace the must have high heels with runners (all the better to chase the kids with)
  • etc etc etc

Whats on your To Do List? (I think it says a lot about your age and status. Hahaha.)

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9 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. my list now always involves entertaining the 2 big ones with something enriching, and expressing milk to make cereal for the baby. 😀

    🙂 My expressing milk time is over.

  2. Priority for life changes when we grow older. What once seem to be the Must Have, become Good To Have, then Waste of Money, and finally “what is that?” (totally out of trend)

    Aiks! You got time to blog hop some more ah. Go back to your baby! Hehe.

  3. Hahaha we have pretty similar to-do lists! By the way, I don’t believe in feeling old 😉

    I mixed with a lot of late 30s and 40s SAHMS…the way they carry on, I felt like an old lady!!! You can imagine how they ‘attacked’ me when I said I’m getting old LOL

    By the time you reach that age, you will feel younger than you do now. lol.

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