Dad’s birthday is approaching and I have been cracking my head over what to get him. That has been the way for several years now…… ever since he has Dementia.

He doesn’t need money in the form of angpows since he doesn’t need to spend much and besides he has his monthly pension. Still, we usually give him … just for good luck. I guess old people maybe still likes to receive red packets.

He doesn’t need new shirts or shoes or mugs or towels. It is meaningless to him. Sometimes he has difficulty putting on his clothes and he doesn’t want to bathe so what good would these things do for him?

He has never enjoyed music very much and now he has lost interest in newspapers, tvs… most things. So how?

He has no use for the latest gadgets. Persons with Dementia have difficulty figuring out how to operate or use gadgets. Once, he thought the handphone charger was his handphone.

And then, finally I thought of it. Dad has never been the sentimental kind, but I noticed that after he retired, he started to like to look at photographs. We have adorned his room walls with photos and tables with framed photos. However, he does not have hard copies of photos we took over the recent years ever since we started having a digital camera and started storing photos in our pc or other digital storage devices.

So I designed and ordered a photobook for him…. with photos of all his birthdays, and of his children and grandchildren. I am so excited. I can’t wait to receive it and I hope that he really likes it. I think this will help him to remember places and events. I really hope that he will like it and I can’t wait to give it to him.

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