Yippeee! Yahooo! Doing *Happy Dance. Happy Dance* Phweeeeet! *twirls around* Hip Hip Hurrah! Yeah!

No. I didn’t win the lottery, 4-D or contest.

Yes, after the end of this week, the kids would have finally ended their end of the year final exam. Wow! Its so amazing. It’s coming to the end of the year and soon both of them will move on to the next year in school!

The girl has ended her exams so its just the little one. Yes, even he has a test at 5 years old! I find that so ridiculous. He skipped school for two days because he was sick. When I called up to inform the teacher, she asked me whether I could go and collect his books for his evaluation. I suppose its for me to help him “revise”. Since he was sick and only 5, I didn’t bother to collect the books until the day he went back to school which is the day of his test. Besides, I was too busy helping his sister with her studies.

Poor boy. He sounded sad because he didn’t know how to do his chinese paper and required a lot of help from his teacher. I told him not to be so sad. As long as you try your best. (Even though mummy didn’t go and collect your books for you to study. :P)

Eventually, last night, I went through some of his books with him, just so he won’t feel left out. We did a little “revision” too just like the way mummy spends time with his big sister revising her work. Hopefully today he will know how to answer some questions. 😛

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