Our car is going to be scrap soon

Our older than 15 year old car is going to  need a mandatory yearly inspection in order to get its road tax renewed now. Sob. Sob. This is under Under Section E Part VI of the NAP Review (whatever that means). All I know is its a pain. To the wallet and to our time.

Our car has been well kept and well serviced. We are certainly not driving around scrap metal but it would seem that it is almost going to be considered scrap now. Oh Boo Hoo Hoo. This is such a hassle.

What should we do? Should we start to think of replacing our car now? We had saved a lot of money over the years by hanging on to this car and not changing cars every few years as would seem to be the fashion nowadays. We don’t like to change cars because its value depreciates too fast. Why would anyone want to own a depreciating asset?

Our car road tax renewal is coming up soon. How ar? Our car is well maintained but… but … but…. What to do if it fails the inspection? Haiyah! Bother! Bother!

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4 thoughts on “Our car is going to be scrap soon

  1. I didn’t know of the new ruling too. Yes, do blog about the inspection. I guess if your car has been very well maintained and is still running well, then it shd pass the inspection.

    The ruling’s just been reversed. Ding dong bell….

  2. you don’t have to worry about this now. the rule has been reversed (in true Malaysia Boleh fashion, where rules are reversible at any one time. hee!)

    Ah yes, I read it in the papers. Ding dong bell………

  3. Hahaha, no more worries for u. Malaysia’s always Boleh. Implement something at this moment, will cancel at another …. iisshh.

    Malaysia boleh…. tukar fikiran.

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