You Should Call 100

One of my phone lines is out so I called 100. After calling up and pressing 1, press 2, press 1 and so on and so forth, I was finally asked to key in my phone number which I did… 3 times! Each time it said I had keyed in an invalid number. Finally it tells me that I have reached the maximum number of tries. Fortunately I eventually got to speak to a human instead of a machine.

I was told that since my main phone line is still working, then it must be an internal wiring fault and I should call a wireman or contractor on my own because maintenance of internal wiring is the responsibility of the customer so they cannot make a report.

Fair enough. That makes sense. However I do not know any contractors or wiremen so I asked for a recommendation. The girl on the line tells me… “Can you call back this number 100-1-2-1-1, speak to the customer service rept and ask for a recommendation?”

So I called 100-1-2-1-1. The man at the end of the line told me I should call 100. I told him I just did! Then he told me to go to TM Point to make a report. I told him that the girl said I cannot make a report and that I should call this number for a recommendation for a sub contractor. He insisted that I should go physically to TM Point to make a report and they would arrange for a contractor to be sent to my house.

So, since I am a bored housewife who has nothing else better to do with her time…. I walked to TM Point and told the girl manning the booth at the entrance my problem. “You should call 100” she said. I told her I had already done so and they asked me to come physically to TM Point, so she gave me a number.

I waited 20 minutes before my number was called. At the counter, the lady said “What are you doing here? You should call 100.” I told her I did and I was told to come here to make a report so that a contractor can be arranged. She then flipped through some pieces of paper, wrote down a contractor’s name and telephone number and passed it to me. “Call this number and make your own arrangements” she says.

Isn’t it ridiculous that I have to go physically to TM Point, wait for 20 minutes just to get a telephone number which someone could have given me over the phone. Totally inefficient and bad service! My morning is ruined!

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5 thoughts on “You Should Call 100

  1. hahaha… saya rasa, semua itu yang layan puan ada ambik course “Master in Taichi”!!

    Kesian puan, harap masalah puan dapat diselesaikan secepat mungkin.

    Taichi as in push here push there or slooooow?

  2. Ugh… I can’t believe how bad the service is. You should write a complain letter to the manager.

    Unfortunately writing complaint letters doesn’t get you anywhere accept perhaps more loss of your precious time.

  3. Did you take down the officer when you call 100? I always do if they start taichi-ing. I also ask for their supervisor.

    Yes, I always take their names down and theres always the message that says this phone call is recorded for blah blah blah…. but it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference….

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