I’ve Lost That Blogging Feeling

I found this funny blog post : You’ve Lost That Blogging Feeling. It pretty sums up how I’ve been feeling lately.

Gone are the days where I would rush to my blog when I wake up each day to view stats, check comments etc. Why I would even refresh my adsense every chance I got. 😛

Gone are the days where I could publish posts back to back on several blogs each day. Now, I’ll be content to have a post once in a few weeks.

Gone are the days when I could blog hop endlessly from one blog to another. I no longer have the energy for that. And the funny thing is when you stop visiting blogs, they stop visiting yours too. Its like if you come to my house, I’ll come to yours but not otherwise. These days I mostly read my favourite blogs from my blogroll from within my feedreader itself, leaving comments only occassionally.

I think I’ve fallen off the peak of my blogging chart. I’m definitely experiencing a slowdown. At one time, everything seemed bloggable but now all my unsaid words get stuck in my head and stays there or forgotten after a while.

I wonder if I’ll ever get my blogging mojo back.

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10 thoughts on “I’ve Lost That Blogging Feeling

  1. same here..gone were the days I can churn out posts after posts…now malas…want to post also think twice even trice before doing so

    Sometimes don’t think at all and don’t post at all. 😉

  2. count me in, I am also losing it. these few days I am trying to squeeze all the juices out from my mind to start updating again. As we are blogging without photos, sometimes it’s quite hard to think what else to write about, haha.

    No more juice to squeeze after all this time. 🙂

  3. give me 5. i’m feeling the same way too 🙁 have to crack my head on what to write. however, i still blog-hop. very ‘8’….hehehehehe

    Depending on my mood, there are days where I’ll hop everywhere and then there may be gaps of weeks before I do so again. 😛

  4. You’re not alone. I only write on my beauty blog everyday now.

    Anyway, I wanted to drop you a note sometime back but didn’t have the time about your kids getting sick all the time or passing the bug to one another. Would you consider using essential oils? I’ve been using eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils for my boy and it seems to cut down the times he’s got the flu. So if you’re interested, run a search on the topic.

    Usually, I add a few drops of each to his bath tub if I see he’s coming down with a stuffy nose. Another way is I use the oil and mix in with some carrier oil (jojoba, etc) and rub on his chest before he sleeps. Alternatively I drop some of them on his pillow or bed so that he can smell them. I also heard that if one is sick, you can use eucalyptus essential oil to prevent them from spreading the virus. One way is to drop on their bed (either the healthy one or the sick one).

    But do be careful using essential oils…don’t use them directly on the kid’s delicate skin.

    Oh, I didn’t know that essential oils can be used in this manner. Interesting.

  5. aiyo!!!
    Its like an epidemic.
    80% of my blog friends have been telling me this same thing!

    I guess all of us suffer from blog weariness after a few years blogging. Haha.

  6. U visited me so I’m visiting u now. Hahaha.

    I even dreamt of blogging when I first started and thinking of what to write for the next post – gone were those days.

    For now, if I can write a post every month, I’m happy enough, just to update a post in every month at my sidebar *heehee*.

    Yes, I’ve dreamt about it too and woke up in the middle of the night to jot down somethings to remember to blog about. hahaha. Really siao.

  7. Yeah right! No paid-post to do, so why blog so rajin ler. But once a week update for some loyal readers also good mah.

    Yah yah, no need to so rajin. After all there is no need for interim posts etc.

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