Today my girl had to keep on adjusting the straps on her school shoes because they keep coming off! This is the second pair of shoes that are still fairly new in appearance but the straps are lose and the shoes are very uncomfortable and can even be dangerous since it keeps coming off!

These days the kids wear school shoes with velcro straps instead of shoelaces. There are pros and cons. Velcro straps are easy to manage but like my girl’s shoes, the velcro straps have worn off (afterย less than aย year) whereas the shoes are still new and they still fit.

My girl has 3 pairs of school shoes. Somehow, the shoes look very black and dirty after being worn for just one day so I have to wash them either daily or on alternate days. Fortunately I have kakak to help me. Even then we scramble to wash and dry them and we have to crack our heads to plan ahead to make sure the shoes are dry and available on time.

Does anyone know where I can buy velcro straps to sew on the shoes myself?

It won’t be easy though because the straps are thick and the space for sewing is small. I’ll have to use a really big needle.

Does anyone else have this problem? Do you have a way round this problem?

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