Schools Out!

Its the last day of school for the girl today and the boy tomorrow….. which means that I shall be very, very busy in the next 6 weeks…. being……

  • referree to settle fights between a 5 year old and a 7 year old (this will probably be my main role)
  • a tuition teacher (since we’ve been given next year’s text books, might as well start looking at some of them)
  • an art teacher (still want to learn some oil pastel techniques to teach the kids)
  • a scientist conducting science experiments
  • a chef…. well, no, just daydreaming …… actually, I’d really like to bake with the kids, but I still don’t have an oven
  • a music teacher (theres a piano concert to prepare for)

We’d also really like to go for a day trip or two … or perhaps to the cinema… if its not too crowded… we musn’t get too complacent as there is talk about an H1N1 second wave.

We also need to make all those yearly dreaded appointments to the dentist, the gynae for a pap-smear, perhaps the neuro for a third opinion. Sigh. I’m not looking forward to those.

Gosh! With so many activities, I believe 6 weeks will just fly by! I wish the school holidays is 3 months otherwise tak puas. Its too short!

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7 thoughts on “Schools Out!

  1. I tend to be very ambitious with a long list of TO-DO with the kids during school holiday.. and usually the holiday flies through without accomplishing much on my TO-DO list. I hope I will get to at least do 1/2 of what I have planned with them this coming holiday.

    Me too as you can see. 😛

  2. Ooops, seems dat u’ll be busier during the school holiday. I thought u should be holidaying with the kids? Hahaha. Anyway, enjoy ur holiday!

    Holiday? What holiday? Holidays are too expensive. We can’t afford it. At the most just one day trips.

  3. Those sounds like A LOT of plans. LOL. No.1 on your list happens a lot in my household everyday 😛 We also want to take the opportunity to bring them for jabs, hair cuts and of course, sleep in a little later ourselves since no morning school. Heh heh…

    Anyway, have fun!

    Sleep in! Thats the best part of all. 🙂

  4. As for me I’ve chosen limited my list of activities for the children to the 3 items for each of them. I think that it’s better to have more rest to achieve better school result in future.

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