I was trying to book some hotel accomodations for Chinese New Year and to my dismay, I found that the same categories of rooms that we had previously stayed in at the same hotel, had all gone up in rates.

When I expressed my dismay to the guy at reservations, he said…

“I’m sorry ma’am. We are undergoing refurbishment.”

I asked him whether the room that I wanted had been refurbished and he admitted that not all of them had been. They are doing it floor by floor and at the moment, they had completed the first two floors and “hope to complete” up to 5th or 6th floor by the year end.

Hmm….. thats terrible isn’t it? Having to pay extra for something that isn’t there? ie incomplete/uncompleted refurbishments/renovation.

I checked other hotels and all their rates had gone up too.

Hmm… I suppose everyone had been doing “refurbishment”. Well, one thing is for sure. The only thing that has been “refurbished” are their rates!

I think I ought to boycott all hotels during peak periods and sleep in my car or something! *Annoyed*

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