Gynae Visit

At last I got the gynae visit out of the way…. well, not exactly out of the way yet since I don’t know the results till a week later.

I wanted to schedule the dentist appointment on the same day too but opening the legs and mouth on the same day and waiting for hours to do both just seemed a bit too much so the dentist visit was put off. 😛

The gynae said that my cyst that she saw on the ultrasound 2 years ago is still there. She says that if I am lucky it will go away on its own. She did a tumour marker test again (she did one 2 years ago as well) because she said cysts can go bad overnight. That sounds really scary to me!

“Where were you last year? Forgot to come?”

Actually I did not look forward to the visit and had procrastinated for a year! Terrible isn’t it? Taking your own health for granted like that. I hate these visits because of the time it takes and also because of the fear. Fear of discovering bad or negative news that may turn my world upside down. That is why I keep putting off these visits. I really should be more regular with the visits since I have a cyst that can “go bad overnight”.

I also haven’t had any other health screening for since I can’t remember when. Hmm… guess I have to conquer that fear and lazy devil again in order to go for a full medical screening. The gynae wanted to do other blood tests for me but she couldn’t because I had not fasted, having had “char kuay teow” for breakfast that morning. 😛

Have you had any health or medical screening lately? Are you as scaredy cat as me when it comes to doctor visits?

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  1. Ponytail says:

    Hey, I am going to the gynae today as well for my pap smear. Like you, I hv delayed this routine check for a year too! Wonder whay my gynae will say…sigh!

    I thot I better buck up with my health and take charge laa…for my kid’s sake…hee hee

  2. twin says:

    hehe i’m scared too. i went for a medical screen earlier this year after i procrastinated for 2 years … terrible huh. yea i agree with ann .. since it can turn bad overnight .. y dun u haf it removed. doesn’t cos any problems after that. she’s still doing ok.

  3. Florence says:

    Ah… me always have fears…. hate visiting the gynae. Will avoid at all cost but sometimes, for the sake of the family… will force myself to go. I haven’t had a pap smear for 2 years now! Still procrastinating… you are not alone here.. hahaha

  4. health freak says:

    Where’s your cyst? Did you know that by boiling a type of flower called ‘pong far’ (in cantonese), the cyst may shrink? My mum’s gynae told her to boil pong far to drink. When my gynae saw a small cyst in my uterus 2 years ago during an ultrasound scan, I kept drinking pong far too. The cyst is now gone. I dont know if it’s coincidental or it really is effective. You can try it. Pong Far is a type of purple flowers. The leaves are long and pointy. Many ppl plant this in their garden. It’s good for treating eczema too.

  5. health freak says:

    Oh, forgot to mention that my mum had multiple cysts in her uterus and breasts and after boiling pong far with brown sugar (can also drink it plain), the cyst shrunk and disappeared.

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