Why do you blog? Why are you so free? Eat full nothing to do ah?

I am sure many of you bloggers out there have heard the same questions? Well, I blog because I enjoy writing. I blog as a record of my activities to remind me about them. Afterall, a blog is an online diary so that is what I use it for. Finally, I blog for peanuts. In other words, I try to kill two birds with one stone within a blog post.

How to I get peanuts? Its all about keywords. Heheh.

I just came back from a trip from Genting Highlands. I write a lengthy blog post about “First World Hotel, Genting Highlands.” From there I garnered lots and lots of search engine results from good ole Google. I love to be on the first page of search results. If I had written a blog post about “My year end trip” I would not be appearing in the search engines for those terms. Who would search for “My year end trip?” So you have to be specific. It also helps myself to be specific because I too can search for my “Genting Trip” by typing “Genting Highlands” in my own customised google search box on each of my blogs to recall details about my trip.

Unfortunately, for that particular post, I only managed to get on the first page for the search term “Genting Highlands brochure” I was No. 3 out of 4,770. See? See? Click on the image for a better view.


I am on page 2 or #12 out of 43,600 for the following search terms “Genting Indoor Theme Park Map” and page 2 or #13 out of about 46,200 for the search term “Drive to Genting”

I am on page 3 or #23 out of 217,000 for “What to do in Genting Highlands”

I am on page 5 or #47 out of 37,700 for “First World Hotel, Genting Highlands”

I am on page 7 or #61 out of 174,000,000 for “First World Hotel”

This list is dynamic so if you were to do a search for the terms right now, it may not appear as what I have listed. 🙂 I may move up or down the list. That is why I did not include the links here. If you search for the very same search terms yourself, you may find that the list is not as what I have mentioned. This list is as at the time of writing.

I may also appear for various other computations of search terms related to Genting Highlands or First World Hotel or Genting Theme Indoor theme park. Hehe.

And if you were to search Google blogs for “Genting Highlands” or “First World Hotel” today 16th December, 2009, you will probably find my “First World Hotel, Genting Highlands” post from Parenting Times right there at number 1. (This post is Number 2).

It won’t stay up there for long though. It will be replaced by later blog posts by others later on. I find that you move down the list on blog search faster than web searches.

So if anyone were to ask me, why you eat free nothing to do ah. You write such a long and boooring post about your trip to Genting Highlands. Who would want to read it?

Well, the answer is… its for myself to read. I sometimes use my own google search box to search for things I can’t recall. It is really useful. Apart from reading it myself, and perhaps it being read by a handful of blogger friends, I hope that it will be found by the search engines.

Why do I want my blog post to rank high in the search engines or my blog to be discovered by random seachers? Hopefully that will cause a ripple effect and it will increase my page views, my blog value for advertisers and hopefully those who came will click on a few of my google ads on the way out. In that way, I would have killed two birds with one stone or rather achieved two objectives with one blog post. 🙂

And what is the point of this post? Why, to rank high in search engines for “Genting Highlands” related searches of course. 😉 Oh and did you know that apart from placing relevant search terms in your blog post, it matters when you highlight or put those terms in bold. You should also repeat those terms as often as you can without appearing to do so. For example, you can keep on saying “my Genting Highlands trip” instead of “my trip”. Don’t be lazy with your words. Relevant and related links within your blog posts are important too.  This is very simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Even an aunty like me can tell you this. 😉  Try it. It is fun. You can see results within an hour or less after your post is up.

Oh btw, if you got here because you searched for “Genting Highlands” or “First World Hotel”, why not check out my post on my other blog “First World Hotel Genting Highlands”. It will be much more relevant for you than this.

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