During the school holidays I allowed the kids to stay up later. When I was tired, I told them they could continue to chit chat after the lights were off. Listening to them really made me laugh.

First they decided what time they would chit chat till. “Lets chit chat till 11.20pm” said the older one. “What shall we chit chat about?” said the younger one.

They decided to chit chat about their day. “Today, we did……” They went on about their day till 11.20pm when the older one said it was time to end their chit chat.

They said their goodnights to each other which is a lengthy one as we usually do “Goodnight. I love  you. Have a Good Night’s Sleep. Goodnight, Sleep Tight. Happy.”

So they went “I love you.” said the small one and “I love you too.” said his older sister…..and then …. silence….

After a while, a small voice said “Cheh Cheh, Why don’t I love you?” followed by “Why do we always fight and argue?”

Cheh Cheh said “Yah, we always argue but then sometimes we are nice to each other too.” The small one said “Ok” and that was that. They both went to sleep while I had a hard time trying to stiffle my laughter. 🙂

Afterthought: I know the little one wishes that his sister would love him more. Once he said, “If I had a magic wand, I wish to have a nice cheh cheh who won’t argue with me so much.” It is because cheh cheh is a bit older, in primary school now and sometimes gets a bit impatient with him. They have different likes and dislikes and because of the gender difference as well, sometimes cheh cheh does not like to play the games he likes even though he keeps saying “Please cheh cheh” . However, my girl often laughs at the antics of her little brother. He can really amuse her and make her laugh with much amusement. When they do play games together, I can see that they really do have a lot of fun together.

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