Hopelessly unreliable

I bought an old second hand house. I did not have the experience to look out for water stains that might indicate a roof leak and so we ended up with a house with a perpetual roof leaking problem.

We did some simple renovations before moving in. The contractor was told about the leaking roof. When the renovations were completed and we moved in, the roof continued to leak. We called the same contractor back to resolve it. He came a few times. Though we felt that he should not continue to charge us for fixing the roof (since he did not resolve it in the first place), nevertheless we continued to pay him to come, just so that he would come! Even then, after that, he stopped taking our calls.

We continued to live with the roof leak problem. Then we had a new neighbour who did extensive renovations before moving in. He extended his rooms, build new rooms etc. When he was done, we had new roof leaks near the area of his extension. This time it was worse than the roof leaks from other parts of our house previously. We had to prepare buckets when it rained.

We called in  his contractor to resolve it. He came a few times. Each time we had to wait, sometimes in vain for his workers to turn up. We had to reschedule our own appointments again and again to wait for the contractor. After that….It rained once. The roof did not leak. We were happy. It rained the second time. It leaked buckets again. We were back to square one. The contractor stopped taking our calls as well.

We called in a third contractor. He came and commented about how hopeless the previous contractor is.”He uses foreign workers not like us. We do the job ourselves. We will give you a guarantee and continue to come back until your roof leak problem is over. I will come tomorrow to start work.”

“Tomorrow” came and when I called him he was obviously somewhere else doing other work. “Oh its you. I can’t come today. Maybe next week.” So much for a guarantee! Hah! He can’t even turn up at the appointed time, just like the rest. And he had the gall to sound surprised when he took the phone call from me …. as though he never said that he was coming over “tomorrow” to start work!

All contractors are the same. They do not know the meaning of “punctuality”. 10 o’clock may mean 10 o’clock the next week to them. They do not know how to keep time. They don’t call you. You have to call them to chase them over and over again. They lie through their teeth. They do not respect the fact that other people have their own schedules too. Not only them.

They are very good at one thing though. They are very good at prioritising. Priority always goes to the job that brings in the most money. So, little jobs like fixing a roof leak should be postponed again and again without care about the customer or client. They can never be found when you need them because they always seem to be multi tasking, taking on many jobs at the same time with priority to the one that brings in the most $$$$$.

I am so annoyed! I have half a mind to go and buy a ladder, climb up the roof and fix it myself. 🙁

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12 thoughts on “Hopelessly unreliable

  1. I TOTALLY agree with you. All contractors I have come across are indeed the same liars, latecomers, never-show-uppers, whatever names you can think of, etc, etc…I can relate to your frustration as I’ve been through it before. All they want is to make $$ regardless of the quality of their service and materials they use. Would changing the entire roof solve the problem?

    I wish it would but its complicated. There are the roof tiles, the zinc and the ceiling. Complicated.

  2. u need a good plumber n not any other plumber. i paid premium to get it fixed once n for all. one spot. then came another spot, n another. SIGH. but everytime i used back the same good plumber…all solved.

    I’m yet to find a good plumber. 🙁

  3. Contractors are all like that.. sianz to deal with them.. I had this problem too earlier, and when my maid came, she offered someone to fix it for me.. now all kao tim.. :p

    Wuah, you so brave. You not sked they pakat pakat to break in your house later meh?

  4. So sorry to hear about that. We managed to engaged with a good contractor and a handyman in Ipoh, so he’s good at it. He’s been servicing us for years. I think it takes some luck.

    You are lucky. Hang on to him! lol.

  5. We have the same problem! Although with us – it is coming to install insulation into the ceiling and fixing flyscreens to the windows. I am soo sooo sick of having to chase them up all the time. I just want my screens and a nice warm house! gah!

    Whatever it is, its really hard to get them to stick to their appointments!

  6. i had the same prob too. i had four different contractors. cost quite a bundle too not to mention the inconvenience of having buckets of free water whenever it rained. thank God those days are over now but we had to change the whole roof

    Good for you that it is all over now.

  7. Forget about the third contractor, try to find another one.
    Hope your problem will be solved soon. Can understand how frustated you are.

    I will give him a second chance…… since I don’t know anyone else! lol.

  8. Oh dear.. I hear your frustration alright! hope you are able to find a contractor to solve the problem… Alternatively (just a suggestion ya), you may wanna check out this company Sika Kimia S/B (can goggle them)… Never used them before but I understand they do waterproofing etc… Unsure if they are able to solve your problem but worth a call?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out if need to.

  9. oh..that is bad. we are about to start small renovation just to make a we kithen and built in cabinets in our newly bought house too.hope our neighbour contractor is reliable. he talks to much and i am sceptical with people who talk too much hahaha..

    If he’s your neighbour, at least he can’t run away. lol.

  10. I suspect, sometimes they take on too many jobs than they can handle. You’re not alone, everyone feels the same!

    If I could find a really professional contractor, I really won’t mind paying a premium if they can show up on time, and deliver as promised.

    That’s a great business idea there!

    Yes, me and hubby thought so too… the business idea I mean. lol.

  11. If the issue persists, perhaps you can ask this blogger, Jolene:


    for the contact details of the man who finally fixed their leaking roof. She mentioned that:

    “we found a man who ONLY specialises in repairing roofs. No, he doesn’t install new roofs, no, he isn’t a general contractor. This guy was exceedingly confident of his abilities, which was strangely very comforting for us. We got the job done right before Christmas. And since then, through the biggest, baddest storms, we’ve had dry beds.”

    Hey Mun, thank you very much for the link. 🙂

  12. i’m also having problem with my leaky roof .. new hse somemore … sigh seemed that the roof spacing between the slab is not consistent causing the leak … fixing it cos 3k over .. the stupid previous contractor when it was under warranty came a million times until like u i became fed-up have to wait and wait. now staying for 5 yrs still leaking … haf to get it done but haf to find someone reliable. i’m hoping everytime it rain it won’t be heavy cos that’s when it will leak. sigh.

    Aiyoyo new house some more. You must be very heart sick. 🙁

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