Hairstyles for Middle Aged Women

Chinese New Year is coming so its out with the old and in with the new. Time to get new clothes, new shoes, new hairdo. Hmmm…. what hairdo?

To me there are only 4 basic styles. It’s either long and straight, short and straight, long and curly or short and curly with some variations in between like bob, boy cut, layered look etc. So which hairstyle? *Taps fingers*

It would seem that as you grow older and older, your hairstyles become more and more limited. It is limited to short or medium length and straight rather than curly or you would either look like an old lau hiau Ah Soh or an Ah Soh who is trying to look young.

Hmm…. how ar? Since I am always a young person locked inside a middle aged body, what hairstyle should I keep? Should I break tradition? Since I always tend to veer towards the long… hmm…. maybe long with curls…. maybe just color it will do… maybe very very straight (you know like in those glossy shampoo ads) …. maybe… oh I give up. I don’t know. Whatever it is, it always ends up in a mess, tied up in a messy half pony tail half bun. So it does not make any difference. Hehe.

What do you all think? Do you think middle aged women look better with certain hairstyles only?

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9 thoughts on “Hairstyles for Middle Aged Women

  1. In my opinion, convenience and easy to maintain is everything in this heavily regimented world. I don’t even bother with jewelry.

    Mrs Bengbeng first time visiting my blog. Welcome. 🙂 I agree with you that at the end of the day convenience and practicality rules.

  2. i like this style but think i can’t do this style .. hair too fine. Plus everyday i’ll have to style it … me being malas .. dun think so. 🙁

    I have very fine hair too, which is very difficult to style. 🙁

  3. i like that hairstyle in the pic. the problem with pics is that it’s so misleading coz in reality when u follow a pic, it would never turn out like that and also it’s high maintenance to have it looking like that all the time. 😀

    i wld say go with whatever suits u (and ur pocket). i wld love stylish hairstyles but as a mommy, we need 2 be more practical lor coz most of the time, u got no time 2 look in the mirror when u’re rushing out of the house. i have countless time left the house looking like a slop, only to find out that it’s too late to turn back when i’m looking at myself in the public toilet! sigh!

    Syn, that hairstyle is for models only. For us, we’d look like we forgot to comb our hair. Hehe.

  4. its hard to suggest since i dont know how u look like. but basically and personally, color plays a part too.

    A little bit of color is nice but not too much imo. 🙂

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