Travelling with baby is not easy at all especially if you are a new parent travelling with baby for the first time! Don’t be surprised if baby’s luggage is bigger than yours. lol. Even going out for a short visit to the mall requires a little “luggage” of sorts with extra diapers, pacifiers, extra clothing, baby’s favourite blankie or toy etc.

What more when you are travelling with baby out of town. I find that most hotels are not baby friendly at all. It is not safe to have baby on a big adult baby or asleep in our arms. Baby may fall off the bed or from our arms during the night.

It is during times like this that an eddie bauer infant travel bed comes in handy. It is collapsible with side pockets for extra storage. The fact that it is collapsible makes it easier to bring along. It is padded for baby’s comfort and it is made of material that you can easily wipe clean. This is a must for anything to do with baby. Just perfect for travelling or even for an afternoon out to your friend’s or relative’s house. It is just nice for baby to have a short nap in.

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