I’ve never worn size S before. However I wore M when I was in my 20s and shifted to L in my late 30s. Sob.

Then horror of horrors, post pregnancy, I ballooned to XXL! Much to my dismay it stayed that way for a long time! I had to take drastic action. I ate like a bird. I exercised. After 6 months, I returned to L or occassionally XL.

I hope never to go to XXL again. Though I’m still stuck at L and I suspect I will never fit into M again, it is much better than XXL!

As for my shoe size, it has grown from 6 to 8 and it will never come down again. No amount of dieting will make it shrink after pregnancy.

So there it is. I am L with a shoe size 8. Big hor? As they say. I am in shape. Round is a shape.

What size are you? Anybody in size XS out there? You’ll look like a dwarf beside this giant. lol.

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