The other day it rained the first heavy rain after my roof was “fixed”. Yes, eventually, the third ( was it the 3rd, I lost count) contractor came in. The one who said for only RM300 I will give you a guarantee. If your roof continues to leak, call me anytime. I will come to fix it again.

Well, it rained. Parts of the roof continued to leak. Some parts were ok just to give “credit” where it’s due. When I told him about the continued leak, he said. “Oh, that part of your roof is very dirty. It requires a lot more work.”

“But you said you will guarantee??!!!!” was met with “No, no, I only guarantee small leaks. Not big work like that.”

When I asked him what he suggested next, he said “I will have to come and look at your roof again before giving you a quotation. I can’t come now. I have too much work. Chinese New Year is approaching.”

Imagined that! Whatever happened to guarantee!!!! I thought he had had a look at my roof the other day and had fixed it with a promise to come back if it leaks again! What a liar! Whatever little faith I have left in contractors has vanished POOF! into thin air. I will never trust another contractor EVER again! GRRRRRRR! *Grumble grumble grumble*

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