This year on Valentine’s Day, we woke up early and dressed in our best. Then we drove to the place where we got married. There was a girl selling roses at the gate so my Valentine date got me some. We saw a few other love birds there. They were dressed in their best carrying bouquets of flowers.

Our hearts were beating like loud drums….. no, it was loud drums beating! Haha. The loud drums of the lion dancers. The other love birds we saw were two other couples getting married on that day.

We were amused to see the bride rushing to the lion’s side to have her photo taken. Mind you, that was no easy task. There were two lions there that day but they were almost molested by the crowd rushing towards them to stroke and pat the lion’s mane. Each time the lion took a few mandarin oranges from the box laid before them, the crowd rush forward. It is considered good luck to get “gold” (mandarin oranges) from the lions and to pat the lions. The poor lion dancers almost had no chance to dance. All they could manage to do was walk around and the crowd went wild. Everyone was in a jovial and happy mood.

I must say that I enjoyed my Valentine’s Day very much this year. It was very meaningful for us to be at the place where we were married and we had our two lovelies along with us too. The two lovelies that we made with love and whom are very much a part of us. That made it all the more meaningful and a day filled with love.

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