Balik Kampung Traffic Jam

I do not travel balik kampung during the peak period just before Chinese New Year. I often travel home in the wee hours of the morning during CNY and we do not get caught in any traffic jam.

However, we usually travel back home to KL during peak traffic periods and we do get caught in a bad traffic crawl or a traffic jam.

Every year it is the same. And every year the drivers behave the same. There will always be irresponsible, selfish drivers who weave through the traffic from left to right and back to left again right up to the emergency lane where they would speed up above the speed limit on the emergency lanes because there are less cars in the way. These drivers also love to tail ambulances etc. They are such a nuisance and such a pain. They are reckless and do not care for the safety of themselves or other road users.

Every year we read about road deaths and bad car accidents and bus or lorry accidents. Yet, every year, I do not see any improvements in the drivers’ behaviour. When will our drivers learn?

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One thought on “Balik Kampung Traffic Jam

  1. Yeap, I hate driving in the highway here, drivers are not very courteous and like to follow very closely.

    Compare to US CA, drivers are patient. They do not hog the fast lane too.

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