This year when we were back in Penang, we made a visit to the Penang Toy Musuem. I am afraid that I was rather disappointed. As a personal toy collection, it is indeed a very impressive collection. However to be touted as a toy musuem and charging RM10 each for adults and RM6 each for children, I left with a feeling of being cheated. I feel that it is much too hyped about.

My husband and I plus our maid and two children made our visit cost up to RM42. We were in and out of there in about 10 minutes. That is one of the fastest way my RM42 disappeared. The other fast way was playing those arcade or funfair games at Genting Highlands costing about RM1-RM3 per throw or try.

The toy musuem was small, crowded and a tad bit dusty. Personally, I feel that if you watch this Penang Toy Musuem Video tour you would have seen most of it. Anyway perceptions and individual tastes differ. So if you like to see little collectibles and poring over little figurines of your favourite toy characters in detail, then perhaps you may feel that it is worthwhile.

We got the boy to pose with Spiderman and Iron Man but it was hard given the little space. My girl liked the M&M toys and I liked the China dolls and that is about it. RM42 out the window.

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