Continued from previous post.

Talking about simple, my girl often gets scolded during computer class because she is slow to understand. When she tries to ask her friend for help the teacher admonishes her and tells them not to help her. “Let her do it herself” she says. Maybe she has good intentions in wanting her to learn but isn’t asking for help when you don’t know a way of learning too?

When I look at the book, I get angry. The terms used etc and the way in which it has been written looks like a book for an adult! Even an adult who has no computer knowledge would have difficulty understanding it let alone a 7-8 year old kid! Why can’t they simplify it? They syllabus and content looks very hard.

For example, the first chapter talks about The Internet. It goes on to say that “First, you must have a computer. Second, you must apply for an Internet account from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). You must also have a modem.” Once you have all of the above, you have to install a special software in your computer system to go on to the internet. The special software is called a browser. Examples of a browser are “Internet Explorer” and “Moxilla Firefox”

Try explaining that to a 7 year old? Computer class which should be a fun and exciting class has turned out to be a hateful subject for my girl and I don’t blame her.

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