School Holiday Grand Plans

Only 2 more days to go before the school holidays. As usual we have grand plans. No, not to go anywhere but we have lots of activities planned for the kids. As usual, mummy will be more busy than ever during the school holidays, so I will take a blog break too.

I hope that the schools won’t dish out too many homework for them. It is only a week’s holiday after all. Minus the weekends, it is only 5 days. That is too little for all the things we want to do. I hope to…

  • let them explore the computer more (on mommy approved games and sites only) Hehe. No shooting, racing or other mindless games. There are many educational games that are fun and equally challenging
  • brush up their languages by letting them watch more Malay and Chinese cartoons
  • let them read stories in 3 languages (learning 3 languages at the same time is tough.) and discuss with them afterwards
  • do arts and crafts (which the children love)
  • teach them a little bit of English because it has been neglected to make way for learning Chinese and Malay
  • let them play ball and skipping and bean bags (we made two to play with this holidays)
  • let them practise more piano (I am glad that the kids love the piano. I do not have to nag at them to practise. It is the other way around, they beg me to let them practise but usually there is not enough time, so piano practise is low in priority, unfortunately, unless there is a piano exam around the corner)

That is a tall order indeed. Crafts, Languages, Music and PC Skills plus a little bit of sports. That is our objective this school holidays. Only 5 days to do the things that they seldom get to do during regular school days due to lack of time. What a pity.

The kids love holidays even though we seldom go anywhere. They look forward to our own home school holiday program. We usually draw up a timetable together and they look forward to following the timetable of activities. During some school holidays, if there is a test pending afterwards, then we have to do more revision and practise in workbooks. However, this holidays, with the test just over, we can do more fun things. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “School Holiday Grand Plans

  1. am going to brush us kid’s Bahasa this holiday too. planning to get bahasa story book for her. have to read with her too. hope i can achieve my plan.

    for craft, i got her some needlework. she loves it. i took some ideas from internet. they are very simple.

    haiz, so much to do, but so little time.

  2. hey MG, why not kill a few birds with one stone.

    Get get them to blog like beng hui! (on blogger, private if you wish). I suggest an e-diary. In the process, they’ll practise typing while learning computer skills, brush up english (writing, spelling, grammar) and develop creative skills and self-expression. It’ll definitely be fun. Imagine thinking up topics and eventually posting relevant pics.

  3. Wow…that is great….that they really look forward to the holidays and the holiday plans. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely try to do this with my kid(s) when they grow up!

    Glad they love the piano.

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